Enlightened Liam Neeson (as usual! ^ ^) and lack of silence in Scorsese’s 2016 film, Silence. Advertisements

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Legacy of the Forty-seven Ronin

Mankind has long been fascinated with sensational events, particularly those which prove to be relatable to both individual cultures and to humanity as a whole. Infallible loyalty, filial piety, honor unto death—such are the values which lie at the heart of traditional Japanese culture. The Ako incident exhibits these values to the extreme, and has […]

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Kdrama: The Love Triangle

Always the bride’s maid, never the bride? Such is the fate of numerous men (and occasionally ladies) in Korean drama series. Countless kind-hearted, exceedingly handsome bachelors fall victim to the love triangle, forever relegated to melancholic longing for the one true love who instead chose the broken bad boy. Why is this Kdrama trope so […]

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